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Choosing a burial vault

Estate burial vault

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Reflection burial vault

At Trigard, giving the best is an idea that starts with our vault design and continues through to the value we place on the successful celebration of a life. As you make plans to memorialize your loved one, peace of mind is a key issue for proper healing to begin. Through the strength and versatility of our products, we help you to find that peace-providing the assurance that you have given your very best as you commemorate the life of someone you love.

Layers of a burial vault

Pressure of soil on a burial vault

In addition to the weight of soil and foot traffic, vaults must withstand the pressure of large cemetery equipment-weighing as much as 14,000 pounds. A burial vault is only as strong as its cover, and our “1/3 cover to 2/3 base” ratio puts the strength of more concrete into the top portion of our vaults, where it’s needed most. Additionally, our arched design helps distribute weight to the vault’s perimeter, strengthening the seal.